I'm an award-winning marketing strategist and consultant who helps high-growth brands craft marketing that doesn’t feel like marketing.

My side hustle story began when I co-founded Whisker Bag on a shoestring budget with my fiance at 21. Within a few months, our idea took off and within 3 months it transformed into a $100K/year side business.

Today our products are sold in 14 countries.

I fell in love with marketing and started my own marking consulting firm to help entrepreneurs move from normal marketing to marketing that doesn't feel like marketing.

These books changed my life: Shoe Dog, The Coaching Habit, Made to Stick, Radical Candor, Never Split The Difference, and Steal Like an Artist.

Let’s work together—jano@likeflare.com—Join me.

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Jano le Roux

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I craft zero-bs marketing that doesn't feel like marketing. Award-winning brand expert ready to lead your brand's growth. Connect: jano@likeflare.com Join me ⤵️